About Miss Knitty

You know how you pick up a hobby and then your entire life centres around that hobby?  No?  Just me?
Hi, I'm Kim and I am Miss Knitty.  After my second babe was born, I walked into my local yarn store and said "I want to learn to knit."  And so there started my obsession with knitting, fuelled and supported by some friends doing the same thing, I went head first into the world of knitting, learning with YouTube lessons on high repeat.
In an effort to find a way to immerse myself even further in the woolly community, 2021 saw the creation of Miss Knitty.  My mission is to offer beautiful yarn, patterns and tools, with a side of helpful advice if you want or need it.  I try to stock items that I've previously looked for locally and not found, or items that I love and want to make more accessible for yarn lovers all over New Zealand.
I'm always keen for yarn chat, so if you want tips on pairing your yarn with a pattern, some technical help with a pattern you've bought here or somewhere else, or just want to chat in general - please email me!  I'm keen to hear from you and would love to hear your ideas, or suggestions.  Email me on hello@missknitty.co.nz - can't wait to hear from you!