The Criss Cross Applesauce Jumper

The Criss Cross Applesauce Jumper

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The Crisscross Applesauce Jumper is an oversized seamless sweater featuring detailed texture on the body and along the sleeves. Made with super chunky wool and big stitches, you’ll be finished by the end of the week! It’s truly a gem (because of the diamonds…get it? Ok sorry, I’ll see myself out).

For this cardigan you'll need 5 or 6 balls of Miss Knitty's super chunky merino yarn (200g/80m per ball), plus one of a contrasting colour, plus two circular needles - 10mm and 15mm.

Miss Knitty yarn is COMING SOON in 16 different colours.  Watch this space.  

This pattern is printed on cardstock and sent from Miss Knitty HQ.  If you'd rather download it, enter code NOPRINT at checkout.

If you want any help choosing sizes or colours, flick Miss Knitty an email.


Size guide
The pattern includes directions for 3 sizes. The jumper is designed to be oversized, but you can size down for a smaller fit (or use smaller needles - 12mm)!

Size 1

  • To fit chest: 32-36”
  • Width: 24”
  • Length: 17”

Size 2

  • To fit chest: 38-42”
  • Width: 28”
  • Length: 20”

Size 3

  • To fit chest: 44-48”
  • Width: 32”
  • Length: 23”

Weight: 80m = 200 g
5(6:6) balls Colour A
1 ball Colour B